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Why you should choose a Leisure Line coal stove.

Leisure Line coal stoves are American Made. Some companies are outsourcing to India and China, Leisure Line is still putting Americans to work! All of their stoves have meet or exceeded UL 1482 1 CSA B366-M1979 specifications.

Since Leisure Line stokers are made with the fewest moving parts, all of the stoves are reliable. The feeder mechanism shovels the coal onto the burn area, so the plow or pusher bar method is not used. The burner leaves more room for air to reach the top coals. Coal is shoveled to the burner grate with a bearing mechainism – no bushing or plastic cams to wear out.

Leisure Line stoves are built for today’s busy people. Set the dlgltal computerized thermostat and forget It. No running back and forth to adjust the stove. It’s all done for you. The thermostat comes standard with day and night set-backs, as well as a complete temperature control.

For more information, download the Leisure Line brochure below.

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